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We can assist you with incorporating your offshore company, whether it be through our Dubai office for Jebel Ali, Ajman and RAKEZ, or through one of our other offices for other offshore jurisdictions, such as Jersey.

United Arab Emirates Offshore companies 

UAE offshore companies are well recognized internationally. There can be many objectives for setting up an offshore company, most of which can be achieved through a UAE offshore company, such as Real Estate holding, tax planning, asset protection and trading operations. There are also many other benefits for this type of company, such as 0% personal and corporate tax, 100% foreign ownership, no requirements for a minimum share capital, confidentiality and no restrictions on the repatriation of capital and profits.

One important note to make is that a UAE offshore company is only able to carry out business outside of the UAE and no business can take place whatsoever within the UAE. 

Other Offshore companies outside of the United Arab Emirates

With Whitmill being located in many jurisdictions and having had over 25 years of incorporating companies across the world, we are able to assist with most offshore jurisdictions. With the recent announcement of public share registers being made mandatory for Bermuda, Cayman Islands and BVI by 2020, Jersey (Channel Islands) is fast becoming one of the most popular places for offshore business. Jersey has an extremely good reputation with very high regulation and is very much a go to place for those that wish go about their business in private. This is also where our head office is located, so an area where we do a lot of our work.